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Are you looking for books for black babies? Well, look no further. Nicholas Marks Publishing’s mission is to deliver exactly that. Due to the lack of diversity and black characters and families featured in children’s books. Nicholas Marks Publishing is determined to tackle this problem head on. In this article, I’ll tell you all about it and how they plan to change the lack of diversity narrative.

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Nicholas Marks Publishing was started by a Black Father of three, for many of the same reasons you’re searching for these types of children’s books. The lack of children’s books starring black characters is something that the industry really needs to address. As mentioned, in the introduction, Nicholas Marks Publishing’s mission is to write, illustrate and publish children’s books featuring smart, bold, strong, cool and fun black characters and families. And, also something that’s equally important, black kids being able to see someone that looks like them in these starring roles.


Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming releases.

upcoming releases

     Here are some of the upcoming titles from Nicholas Marks Publishing, not in any particular order. This title is a cool and funny take on what goes on when Mother’s leave the kids home with Dad. The book is titled “Mommy Gets The Day Off”. I really love illustration of the family in this book. The mom is so cute and adorable looking, how could you not want to take care of her.

This is a mockup of what the book will look like.

     It also looks at how a family takes care of each other and makes sure everyone is taken care of and appreciated. Having this type of black family dynamic is always a great way to give a different look at people of color. I think these type of books can help combat the unfair stereotypes placed on people of color. This is very important to showcase to children of all ages but especially toddlers of black families, who are learning all the nuances of life. To purchase this book. Click Here

This is a mockup of what the book will look like.

     The next title we are going to look at is “Goodnight Shapes”. Here we have a fun and clever take on making a game of children putting their toys away. When it’s bedtime or just time to clean up, usually the best way to avoid a meltdown, is to distract by making a game of it. The clever part is, while putting the toys away it helps to reinforce the learning of the individual shapes. Not only can the shapes be seen, they’re colorful as well, which catches the eye. This book is a must have in the collection for infants to toddlers. It’s never too early to start learning. To add this book to your collection. Click Here

This is a mockup of what the book will look like.

     Lastly, we have the title “Arthur and The Enchanted Trail”. This will be the first book series Nicholas Marks Publishing will be releasing. It stars a young black boy named Arthur and his beloved dog King. They embark on a magical tale filled with adventure, ghoulish creatures, thrills and a surprise kids will love. If I had to describe it in book titles. I would this tale is a cross between Harry Potter and Jack and The Beanstalk. At the moment, the series will have only three parts. Again, this will be a must have book series for toddlers. It makes for a great bedtime read. And it will definitely take your child’s imagination on a ride and coming back for more.  I can’t give it all away but this book will become your child’s favorite. To get your hands on a copy Click Here 


I want to thank you for reading this article on Book for Black Babies. What are some themes or titles you would like to see more of from a children’s book? Comment below! If you want to learn more about Nicholas Marks Publishing and their mission, click here to visit our website and sign up for our KickStarter that’s set to launch in June. With your support you can help us publish more children’s books featuring black characters and families click here to support us and help increase inclusivity in children’s books.

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